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Smaller Farmers

Smaller farmers are threatened by large corporate interests all over the world and unfortunately for small farming operations, it’s the larger farms owned and operated by agribusiness that have been making most of the money for the past 40 years. The trend towards large corporate farms has left many smaller farmers unable to earn a living doing something they where born to do – operate the family farm. Today, income from small farms averages around $10,000 annually, forcing many farmers to supplement their income with a full time job or sell the farm outright to larger interests.

"It used to be the farmer worked the soil. Now, global agribusiness works the farmer"  

Farms Are Becoming Smaller

For the past 50 years, farms around the world have been shrinking in size due to urban development, land prices and increasing operational costs. In fact, many of the farms in the Industrialized West are small, with more than 80 percent less than 55 acres and 10 percent of all farms less than 5 acres in size.

The Family Farm

The family farm - hope for the future. If we are going to save “the family farm” and support community agriculture, new and innovative farming technologies must be developed. The Farm One Acre Project was initiated to develop technologies that would address many of the issues facing small farmers today. Patented high-density food growing technology helps farmers earn “big farm” income cultivating just one acre. New Leaf Technologies food growing products grow more plants per square foot than any other technology that exists today.

High Density Food Production Technologies

New Leaf high density food production technologies multiply food production while significantly lowering operational costs. These innovative products are engineered to grow anything anywhere in any climate.


Product Advanatages

Growing Basil On The Farm
  • No weeding
  • Installed in minutes
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Shortened time to harvest
  • Conserves water
  • Light weight
  • Larger harvests
  • Bigger plants
Little Crop Circle Chard










Little Crop Circles™

Little Crop Circles™ redefine traditional farming. For over 500 years, farmers have tilled rows in a feild to crop crops. The better way is to grow crops in a circle.



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