Growing Beans

With Crop Circles

growing beans

Bush Beans

Typically, bush beans are grown in field rows. Field-grown beans are susceptible to a variety of waterborne diseases and insects. Plants weakened by disease produce fewer pods. Quality and appearance will suffer as well.

Crop Circle Beans

Crop Circle bean plants grow virtually free of pests and disease due to timed under plant canopy irrigation and proprietary geometric configurations of plants. Nutrient uptake is maximized within the circle to grow dramatically healthier plants. Plants on average produce 2 to 3 times more bean pods.

Specifications | One Acre

Bean plants are grown within a trench encircling a proprietary underground irrigation mast configured at the center of the Crop Circle. A large raised bed holds moisture, fertilizer and soil. The entire bed is covered with a ground cover top and bottom. The lower cover prevents bottom up weed growth while the top cover prevents weed growth, inhibits evaporation and facilitates the flow of liquid and nutrient to plants growing through the 1,000 openings configured in the cover. Depending on climate, soil, temperature and plant type, plants produce approximately one pound of beans per plant.

Bean Crop Circles are 33 feet square with gravel pathways between each. This creates a grid of 16 Crop Circles per acre.

Purchasing Crop Circles

Bean Crop Circles are ideal for small farming operations; particularly those with small parcels of land. An urban farmer situated in the middle of a large city may only need one for growing beans. A farm market might require several. Typically, an acre growing beans generates between $50,000 and $75,000 in one season. A Crop Circle farm can earn 8 times that! Contact us for purchasing and licensing information.

Production & Profit

Green, Yellow & Purple Bush Beans - Harvest 80 days growing beans from seed

    • Wholesale price $1.50 per pound x 6,500 pounds per circle x 16 circles = $156,000 x 2 harvests in one season = $312,000
    • Retail price $3 per pound x 6,500 pounds per circle x 16 circles = $312,000 x 2 harvests in one season = $624,000
    • Organic price $5 per pound x 6,500 pounds per circle x 16 circles = $520,000 x 2 harvests in one season = $1,040,000

Become A Crop Circle Farmer

A one acre farm generates more income per acre growing beans than conventional field farming. Just one acre has the potential to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Contact Farm One Acre to learn more.